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2L Hydration Bladder

2L Hydration Bladder Specification: Bag capacity: 2L (2000ml) Length Of Tube:80cm Thickness: 0.50MM Package includes:1 x 2L Hydration Bladder

XOSS G+ GPS Bike Computer

XOSS G+ GPS Bike Computer is your essential GPS cycling companion. It is complete with a 1.8″ LCD display, 4 satellite GPS positioning, auto backlight with a 25 hours battery life! In fact, this computer pedometer is essential for data recording! No more riding or cycling alone, this time, we got you a company! In addition, it comes with functions such as an external sensor, rich data, and an app to record your data for the time being! What you need to do is just a simple installation to your bike and connect to your smartphone via an app and you are good to ride and record! Here’s the reason WHY you should use XOSS G+ GPS Bike Computer as your riding company starting TODAY! Track all data like grade, heart rate, cadence, and more! Support ANT+ protocol transmission for cycling accessories Get a better understanding of your personal cycling goals Share your rides with friends and fellow enthusiasts LCD backlight and wide suitable – It will ensure that you are safer to ride at night in places with poor lighting Can be installed on most types of bicycles Simple installation with manual instructions GPS: High sensitive GPS Screen: 1.8″ LCD screen, high contrast Size: 46 x 75 x 19mm Weight: 52g Operating temperature: -10 to -50°C Battery: 500mAh rechargeable Lithium (last up to 25 hours) Automatic backlight, easy to read Multifunctional – current speed, average speed, MAX speed, ride time, and more! Wireless and water-resistance Basic functions: speed, exercise time, mileage, heart rate, cadence, altitude, slope, clock App needs to install: XOSS-Cyling Computer Connection Packing List: 1 x XOSS G+ GPS Bike Computer 1 x mount rubber pad 1 x micro USB cable 1 x computer mount 1 x user manual 2 x rubber band